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Jayan Cherian
Jayan Cherian
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  Poet filmmaker Jayan K Cherian   born in India, writes in Malayalam under the name Jayan KC, currently lives in New York City. Graduated with honors from Hunter College, BA in Film and Creative Writing and MFA from The City College of New York in Writing Directing and Cinematography. Made several experimental documentaries and narrative films, such as:  Shape of the Shapeless (2010) Love in the Time of Foreclosure (2009) Hidden Things (2009) Soul of Solomon (2008), Capturing the Signs of God (2008), Holy Mass (2007), Tree of Life (2007), Simulacra the Reality of the Unreal (2007), The Inner Silence of the Tumult (2007), Hid-entity (2007), and Tandava the Dance of Dissolution (2006).

Movies were screened, British Film Institute London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Austin Gay& Lesbian International Film Festival, San Francisco Shorts International Film Festival, Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival, International Film festival South Africa, Kenyan International Film Festival, Short Film Corner: Festival De Cannes 2008, City Visions New York, CUNY Asian American Film Festival, ViBGYOR International Film festival 2008, Millennium Film Workshop and ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES in New York City.

 Published four collections of poetry in Malayalam Ayodhanaththinte Achuthantu (Axis of Combat), (1996),  Ayanam Vachana Rekhayil”(Journey on the line of verse) (1999) ,  Polymorphism (2002), and Pachakku (Like it is ) (2006).  

Received many Awards for Poetry such as, Kerala Sahitya Academy Kanakasri Endowment Award (2003) for “Ayanam Vachana Rekhayil”.  Mathan Tharakan Award for  “Ayodhanathinte Achuthantu”(axis of Combat)(1996), By Mathan Tharakan Trust, Kerala, India, Indian American Kerala Cultural and Civic Center Award (2005) for outstanding Accomplishment in literature,  Malayalam Pathram Award (1996-97) Chacko Publications, New York.

Tara Parian

Tara Parian received her BA in Film Production at the University of Tampa in 2008. During her undergraduate years she worked on the feature film Misconceptions, and attended The Cannes Film Festival with the acquisitions department of Circa Film.   She continued to follow her dream of working in the entertainment industry, all the way to New York City where she pursued her MFA in producing at City College of New York. she produced The Shape of the Shapeless , Sunday Morning Coming Down, and wrote and directed 5 short films.  Her deepest passion remains in the writing phase of filmmaking; she recently completed the feature comedy screenplay, The L-Clock, and her spec script for The Office placed 3rd in Scriptapalooza’s International TV writing competition last year.


Jazmine Paisley 


Jazmine Pasley, editor of “Shape of the Shapeless”, is a native of Houston, Texas. She graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelors degree in English and Film. Before college she briefly interned at CNN and edited several short news clips. She also edited a documentary for Spelman College’s robotics team, The Spelbots. She took part in NYU’s summer program where she authored and edited five short films. Then she attended CCNY where she got her Masters in Fine Arts and Film with a specialization in editing 

Carlos Fonseca 
Original Music/Sound Design 

Composer/Sound designer Carlos Fonseca born in Ecuador and  graduated with a  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music and Audio Technology from the Sonic Arts Center at the City College of New York. He has worked with several musicians,   singers/song-writers, as a band engineer, mixer, and mastering  engineer. He also did a significant amount of sound design and voice-overs for commercials and short films.  Carlos has worked on a very wide range of musical genres from Mantras to Rock. He is currently working on his own music  projects and producing other artists.